A Love Letter to You

Dear Mama,

The only thing I wish for you, is to understand the significance, of the time after you have your baby.

I wish for you to be empowered and educated about the postpartum, so that you have the tools to create health and vitality for yourself, after you have your baby. In this way, you are given more space, to tap into your intuition and truly tune into yourself, when looking after your baby.

You are the only person that is needed to hold your baby, but who will hold you mama, whilst you recover from the miracle of birth. I hope that you will feel well supported and nourished, and have most of your needs met. I can not promise that you will be well rested and never doubt yourself and your abilities, but what I can tell you, is if you have the knowledge, then it is powerful in transforming your time after baby arrives. You mama are amazing and a queen for bringing life into this world. You are nothing less than a miracle and you are the most perfect person for your baby. You got this mama.

Love and light


In home Postpartum Support (Sydney NSW)

I can support you after you have your baby, in your home, in two ways...

If you are local to me and live in Sydney, I can look after you with my Half Moon and Full Moon packages.

This is face to face, at your home support, where we will plan out your postpartum time before you have your baby. Then after your baby is here, bring you nourishing meals, hold space for you and what comes up, nourishing you through bodywork/massage, breastfeeding support, help around your home or with other children and so much more!

Click the link below to find out more and download my Postpartum Doula Guide.

1:1 Online Postpartum Education & Planning (AUS Wide)

Think of this as your birth education and preparation class, but JUST for your postpartum.

If you are not local to me or would only like postpartum education and a plan, this is for you.

This option is to help educate you and give you the tools, to have a more prepared postpartum time.

This is an intensive education session including:

- What happens to your physical body after you have a baby.

- The teachings of traditional wisdom and Ayurveda to bring your body back into balance.

- Tips and advice on how to accelerate your healing once baby arrives.

- Setting realistic expectations about the postpartum time and brainstorm ways to help you be as prepared as possible.

- How to set boundaries with family, partner and yourself.

- House preparation ideas and what you will actually need once baby arrives.

- Meal prep ideas and recipes on request.

- Comprehensive breastfeeding education and so much more.

You will also have a chance to ask questions and explore your individual circumstance and how best to support you. We will also make a realistic plan for you and your family catering for your individual needs.

You will also receive a resource booklet, with all the talking points summarised and activities to complete, so that you are prepared for this new transition.

Online 2-2.5 hours of time together $250

Use the link below to book a session with me.

Closing of the Bones Ritual (Sydney NSW)

This beautiful 4 part ritual, to help relax, detox, purify, release and close the chapter of this birth, to make way for a new chapter to begin.

Originating from Mexican tradition, this ritual helps the mama to be able to honour and reflect on her pregnancy, birth and postpartum time and then close it off to make way for a new chapter to begin.

This ritual takes the mama through a 4 layered journey which includes:

- Full body massage, using grounding oils

- A heating herbal bath to detox

- A sweating session

- A rebozo wrapping and 'closing of the bones'

Herbal bath and herbal tea to hydrate mama will be provided.

You will be guided through this journey, by me, for approx. 4 hours (can take longer for setting up and packing down).

Advisable when booking, to ensure you have a support person at home to help with baby, so you can be present and enjoy this ritual.

I only offer one closing of the bones ritual per month, so please book in advance to not miss out.

Approx. 4 hours of closing of the bones ritual together: $500.

Use the link below to book in a time.

No, it was more. I didn't expect to feel so comfortable postpartum especially having only met (you) once before you helped me. Loved how you just knew what to do, let me rest and provided me with the best food! Thank you for being such a lovely human. We need more people like you xxx

- Dijana In person support Half Moon Package

Exceeded my wildest imagination. Olivia is much more than a postpartum doula, she was my friend, my mother, my sister, my sounding board and the absolute warmest person. I felt safe which is massive for a mum of a 1 yr old and a newborn baby to feel.

 Feeling safe and having a safe harbour to digress the birth and my new life as a mum of 2 and the massages!!

- Bojana In person support Half Moon Package

This was really helpful for me, but also my partner. It helped us to think about the importance of "after the event" and how the care and love is needed just as much then, if not more, than the birth itself. We learnt so much around the physicality of birth and postpartum, as well as the mental/emotional challenges and growth in depth. It also just got us really excited for our baby to join us. As new parents, anxieties are through the roof and so knowledge is power.

- Lavender Postpartum Education and Planning Session


Are you ready to get started?

Get your guide here that will help you get one step closer to a more prepared postpartum, using the wisdom of Ayurveda


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