My wish is for our children to not know an unsupported postpartum time


I am Olivia

I am a Sydney based Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula.

I have a passion in supporting and nourishing mamas after they give birth, because YOUR health and well being, matters to ME.

I am married and a mama to two beautiful young daughters, one of which I home birthed into this world. Which confirmed to me how amazing we are as humans when we learn to trust ourselves and our bodies.

My professional background is as a Registered Nurse working in the intensive care environment for over 10 years. During my time as a registered nurse, I became a holistic health coach and a deep respect for food, nutrition and healthy lifestyle was born. I am very passionate about food, using food as medicine and am an avid cook. 

After the shock of my first postpartum and then trying to have a better second postpartum, I realised the massive gap that is caring for woman, after they have a baby and how this is not common practice in our western society.

My passion for creating a better and supportive future for mamas, led me into the world of doulas and have since trained as an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula.

I truly believe that after having a baby, this is one of the most important times in a woman’s life, where she should be supported.

That supports healing, nourishment and the foundation for strength, both mentally and physically.

In this way you can continue supporting another’s life for many years to come.

My Purpose to serve YOU

The postpartum time, seems to be neglected in our current western society. Leaving mamas to "bounce back" too quickly which impacts on their health and wellbeing years down the track.

My mission is to make it easier for you, when you are pregnant or just had your baby, to understand the postpartum time and be prepared for it.

Many times the postpartum is an after thought, where our society down plays the significance of what this actually has on a new mamas life.

This is a HUGE shift, especially for mamas and I want to help you navigate this time, with as much knowledge and empowerment as you can.

Education and the right support, is key.

With the understanding of what is happening to your physical body, your mind, your hormones and the needs you require during this time, it makes it easier for you to know what you will need and what kind of support you seek.

Lets start reclaiming ourselves as woman in society and care for ourselves, during one of the most significant periods in our life.

Lets learn from traditional cultures, who view the postpartum, as a significant event in a mamas life and resources are pooled around her to support her.

Lets pave the way for our future children and especially our daughters, so that they understand their bodies and how amazing they are, so that they are supported and cared for, like we are meant to be.

Mama's I have supported have to say

So so thankful for the support especially as a first time mum. It has been great to have the nourishing food, helpful hand and a listening ear!

 - Veronica In person support Full Moon Package

Yes, like I said it was hard finding a doula with the total package. A lot of doulas offer support but don’t cook food or specialise in massage and belly binding. You weren’t just a doula you were a friend!

- Denise In person support Full Moon Package

It was more than I imagined. I looked forward to the home visits each time because they were so helpful.

- Meshael In person support Half Moon Package


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This guide will help you get one step closer to a more prepared postpartum, using the ancient widsom of Ayurveda


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